Aizone FW15

FW15 campaign for Aizone, a department store in the Middle East. The concept came from the idea that illustrations often depict a 3d object or environment in 2d form. We decided to twist this notion and create a 3d environment that looked like an illustration.

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Equinox Rebrand

Equinox had a visual identity past its prime and a tone of voice that aimed for provocative, but verged on cliche. Led by risk takers and provocateurs, Equinox required a sophisticated visual and verbal identity to match their unique ethos. With an identity based on tension, we stripped back the logo to its essence, created the “steam treatment”, and refined typography to amplify the luxury dimension of the brand.

Studio: The PartnersRole: Designer, Animator Digital: R/GA
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The MoMu

Inspired by New York design week, The Partners set out to raise awareness of the newly opened New York office. The idea was to celebrate the brilliance of everyday design – to call out the functional and ubiquitous, yet underappreciated objects found across our city streets. Strategically placed gallery tags call out each artifact, celebrating the creator and the design breakthrough. Repurposing the streets as museum walls, we called it The Museum of the Mundane (MoMu).

Studio: The PartnersRole: Concept, Designer, Front-end development Launch Website
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Love Hurts

Love Hurts is a first aid kit for the broken hearted. Its contents aim to ease the pain of a breakup and include a mix cd, a candle with matches, vodka, dark chocolate, “pain killers”, bubble bath soap, and tissues (if all else fails). The project was featured on numerous blogs and international publications.

School ProjectInstructor: James Victore Photos: Luke Nilsson
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Timberland Hazel Highway

Timberland came to us wanting a campaign to showcase their Hazel Highway collection while paying homage to the i-95 and the brand’s heritage roots. We decided to document a journey down the i-95 corridor, featuring a main character that guides the trip from city to city where he sees old friends, explores, and visits favorite spots in boots that reflect that same sense of heritage fueling new adventures.

Studio: KnowuseRole: Designer Launch Website
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Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall’s National Youth Orchestra brings together the best young instrumentalists from across the US for an international tour. The goal was to create a campaign to generate buzz around the inaugural concert. The idea is based on the similarities between sports and the orchestra. The amount of practice, dedication, and sacrifice are one in the same. Cues from the sports world were taken to create a proposed campaign that captures the high level talent of the players. The concept was chosen by the client, but unfortunately did not come to fruition due to funding.

Studio: The PartnersRole: Concept, Designer, Copywriter
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A Brief History of MTV

A short video that explores the demise of MTV from its pioneer beginnings to its rapid fall from grace. It was screened at the Art Directors Club in New York.

School ProjectInstructor: Ori Kleiner
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Wild Sex

A rebrand of the Museum of Sex’s exhibit exploring animal sexual behavior. The project won a silver in the Graphis New Talent Annual. No animals were harmed in the making of this project.

School ProjectInstructor: James Victore Photos: Dylan Ellis
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The Metrocard Project

The Metrocard Project stemmed from an assignment to “create a deck of cards”. Not wanting to do something too literal, I decided to redesign a deck’s worth of Metrocards. Although the current design is iconic, it looks a bit outdated and could use an update. 25 cards were made in total. The project was featured on numerous design and New York City related blogs.

School ProjectInstructor: Gail Anderson
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